Thursday, June 17, 2010


It has been a while since I last posted, things have been busy and there has been lots of stuff going lately, both in real life and in the hobby. So lets get right to the hobby stuff.

The Galus Crusade
The 40kFC is running a club-wide campaign called The Galus Crusade. This campaign is actually the fifth part of a continuing storyline. Unfortunately, I was not involved in any of the first four parts, but I am excited about being a part of this one. The history of the campaign can be found here.

Mekboss Grublug and his Dread Mob boys have allied with the Forces of Chaos. They attempted to make Planetfall onto Galus by assaulting an Elysian garrison outpost this last Tuesday. Keep watching here for the battle report which I hope to get posted within the next few days.

Their next battle is planned for next Tuesday and should be against Ultramarines.

SEMBBL Spring Stompfest
A week ago last Tuesday was Week 3, and the final game before playoffs, of the SEMBBL Spring Stompfest with which I am playing my orc team in. I will post a game report in a couple of days.

40kFC 2010 Painting Challenge
I am getting a late start on getting my Big Mek Stompa painted. It is all primed and I have begun painting the head and arms. Fortunately I still have two weeks to finish it and it should not be a problem to get it done in time. Here is a WIP pic.

Nurgle Reinforcements
I stopped at my FLGS this afternoon to get some more primer and was surprised to see that they had this on the shelf and I just had to get it.

Nurgle Blight Drone

I am excited about this model, it is one that I have been wanting for a while. It is just the thing I need for my Nurgle Daemon army to give it some ranged firepower, although I question its long term survivability. I have got to get it built ASAP so that I can try it out.

That is all for now. Time to get some hobby stuff done.


Rhellion said...

8th Edition is right around the corner, don't forget about your Ogres!

slipwing said...

Oh, I have not forgotten the Ogres. I have been gather information on 8th ed and I am planning a list. But it will have to wait till after I get my BMS done. Too many projects, too little free time. :)