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Thoughts on the Dread Mob List (100th Post!)

Before getting to the Dread Mob list, I wanted to mention that this is my 100th post here at the War Room! Originally, this blog started out as a Chaos Daemon blog (hence the URL At that time, I was participating in a Tale of Four Gamers with my new Chaos Daemon army and I wanted to chronicle my progress as we went. However, it quickly evolved into a general war gaming blog as Orks took center stage with all the new releases that have come out for them in the past year. Writing has never been one of my strong suits, but I have really enjoyed blogging about all my projects, games, leagues, and whatnot. I hope you have enjoyed reading about them. I am roughly three months away from my one year anniversary and I am trying to think of something special to do to celebrate it, so stay tuned.

Thoughts on the IA8 Dread Mob list
Two weeks ago, I fought my first Galus Crusade mission against Globalsmack and the mission, as defined by the Galus Crusade rules, was a Planetstrike game with Chaos attacking and the Imperium defending. I had originally promised to write up a battle report for this game, but unfortunately too much time has passed and my memories are fuzzy since I did not take any notes. So instead I thought I would write up my thoughts on the Dread Mob list since this was my first time playing it. We played 2500 points and Globalsmack played the Elysian Drop Troop list also from IA8. My army consisted of:

  • HQ
    • Big Mek w/Power Klaw, Kustom Force Field, Bosspole, & Heavy Armor
  • Elite
    • 12 Burna Boyz w/Skrap Trukk
    • 4 Cybork Slashas (all with Power Klaws and Heavy armor) & Painboy
    • Junka with Deff Rolla & Turret mounted Shokk Attack Gun
  • Troop
    • 20 Spanna Boyz w/Shootas and Mek with Burna
    • 30 Gretchin Scavengers & 3 Runtherders with Grotprods
    • Deff Dread Mob with three dreads (1 w/2 Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapons, 1 w/2 big shoots, and the last with a big shoota and burna)
  • Fast Attack
    • 5 Killa Kans with Rokkit Launchas
    • 3 Killa Kans with Grotzookas
  • Heavy Support
    • Mega Dread
    • Lifta Wagon
    • 15 Lootas
As I mentioned, this was my first time playing a Dread Mob list and I would have prefered to try it out on one of the normal 40k missions first instead of a Planetstrike game. Prior to playing the list, I had heard from others who had played it that you cannot play it the same way as a normal Ork army and that it should be a 'shootier' army. I definitely saw this.

So let’s get into the units in this army. I will try to only discuss the units I used in this game.

Big Mek (HQ): Same as in Codex: Orks.

Cybork Slasha Mob (Elite): These are practically Cybork Nobz led by a Painboy. This unit is expensive coming in at 170 points for 1 Painboy and 4 Cybork Slashas, and you can add more cybork slashas (+30 points each) up to a total of 10 models. However, with 2 wounds, a 5+ invulnerable save, and FNP, they might be worth it. You can give them Heavy Armor for +5 points/model and your may equip as many of them with Power Klaws (+25 points each) as you want, but that will jack up the points fast. You can also mix in Big Choppas, Combi-Shootas, and TL Shootas. In the game I played, they were stuck in reserve inside the Lifta Wagon until late in the game, so they never got to see combat. Probably best to put them in a transport to protect them until they can assault the enemy.

Burna Boyz (Elite): These are the same as in Codex: Orks except that they have the option to take a Scrap Trukk (see below). This is a good option IMO and makes them more attractive.

Scrap Trukk (Dedicated Transport): This is an Ork trukk that is not Fast, but comes with Armour Plates and a Grabba Klaw, for the same 35 points. Hard to say if this is better than a normal Ork Trukk or not, only time will tell. Fast is definately missed.

Junka (Elite): This is an odd vehicle in my opinion. It is basically a SM Rhino, but it can have some nice upgrades. First, you must give it one of the following and is included in the cost: Deff Rolla, Grabbin' Klaw, Reinforced Ram, Wreckin' ball. I am not sure why you would ever not take a Deff Rolla, but that is me. You may also add one of the following: Kustom Force Field, turret mounted Big ZZappa, turret mounted Shokk Attack gun, turret mounted Supa-Scorcha, or up to 2 Grot Bommz. If you do take any of those, it reduces the transport capacity from 10 to 6.

I have heard of people taking the SAG and Deff Rolla combo where the SAG rolls the Teleport option which teleports the vehicle (and occupants) into the target unit, thus setting off the deff rolla effects. Seems like a potentially potent combo. I tried for this combo in this game, but did not get it to go off. With only an armor of 11, it survived much longer into the game than I expected, but I think that was only because there were many other targets that were higher priority.

Spanna Boyz (Troop, 1+): This is the core unit of the Dread Mob list and you must take at least one unit in each army. It is a Boyz mob that can be armed with either Sluggas & Choppas or Shootas, but it has some disadvantages over normal Boyz Mobz. First, you are limited to a max unit size of 20, not a significant disadvantage, but your mobz are slightly more fragile. Second, you cannot upgrade any boyz with special weapons. This one I do not get at all, but it would seem that the special weapons are reserved for the Mek. Third, you cannot give the unit a Nob, instead you can give it a Mek. Significantly, the Mek cannot be armed with a Power Klaw. You can equip him with either a Burna, Big Shoota, Rokkit Launcha, or Kustom Mega-Blasta. Given that you cannot have a power klaw hidden inside this unit, I think Shootas are the weapon of choice.

Gretchin Scavenger Mob (Troop): This is nothing more than a normal unit of Gretchin with Firebombz. Firebombz count as Assault and Defensive Grenades, but every time the effect comes into play, you lose D3 grots. You can have max 30 grots and 3 Runtherders. To be honest, this unit was the best performing unit in this game.

Deff Dread Mob (Troop): Deff Dreads in this list can be taken in units of up to three. Unfortunately, these dreads are a base 85 points instead of 75 points. Those extra points in my opinion are a killer. The Vehicle Squadron rules for this unit worked both in my favor and against me. Losing a Deff Dread to an immobilzation roll hurts, but you got to take it. I just wish they would not make you pay 10 points more; 5 points would have been acceptable.

Killa Kan Attack Mob (Fast Attack): Killa Kanz are the same as in Codex: Orks, except they occupy a Fast Attack slot and can be taken in units of three to five. I must say, a unit of five Kanz is really nice!

Mega Dread (Heavy): The Mega Dread is nice. His front and side armor of 13 and rear armor of 11, coupled with a 5+ invulnerable save really helps his survivability, but he will most likely be destroyed no matter what as your opponent will fear him and put him high up on the target priority list. It might be best to leave him in reserve whenever possible. Having a walking Kill Kannon is always nice, and fun, to have.

Lifta Wagons (Heavy): Lifta wagons are battlewagons with a turret mounted Lifta Droppa. Most people say are expensive, and they are coming in at a base 225 points, but they will put the fear of god into your opponent. Being able to cause an automatic D6 Glancing hits on any vehicle within 48 inches is pretty powerful, and that is only the worst it can do when shooting the Lifta Droppa! Dropping the vehicle on another vehicle causes D3 Glancing hits to the second vehicle, or dropping it on an infantry unit will cause 2d6 Wounds to that unit (normal saves apply). Again this will be high on your opponent's target priority list, so it might be best if left in reserve. Also, I think I would reserve this for games that are 2500 or more.

Lootas (Heavy): Lootas are exactly the same as in Codex: Orks except they occupy a Heavy Support slot instead of Elite.

I am not sure how competitive this army will be in the long run, but overall the list was very fun to play and I look forward to getting more games in.

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