Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SEMBBL Spring Stompfest Games 1 & 2

The SEMBBL Spring Stompfest started last week. My Orc team, Morga's Mashas (or just 'da Mashas') is playing in this league.

Game 1
Last week was Game 1 against Wood Elves and the final score was a 0-0 tie. It was a very weird game where both teams came very close to scoring, but were denied by the dice. The Wood Elf Wardance had to dodge out of a tackle zone and would have been off to the endzone if it had not failed both its dodge roll and the re-roll. On the last turn, I had a blitzer in the endzone and a thrower tried passing the ball to score the winning touchdown, but it was not an acurate pass. I did beat up my opponent's team pretty bad, even killed one of his linemen. My team came out uninjured and Bolgut the troll gained the Block skill.

Game 2
Game 2 was last night. My opponent was ogres and I was not sure how to play against this team. It was a bit daunting facing so many 'large' creatures. I learned during the match that if you take out the snotlings, the ogres are not so difficult to handle.

The final score was 2-1 with da Mashas scoring the winning touchdown on turn 8 of the second half. Zagluk, a lineman, scored the winning TD which seemed to earn him MVP for the game and the Block skill. Kurzak, a blitzer, gained the Guard skill.

Bolgut the troll was injured during the game and suffered a -1 AV, but fortunately his Regeneration kicked in and he was able to regenerate it. Other than that, my team came out with no permanent injuries. I feel fortunate for this.

Unfortunately, I was too busy playing instead of taking notes but I did remember to take my camera this time. Here are some pictures.

I found a great use for my Cheerleader models, turn and re-roll markers, and I used the coach model for the score marker.

Looks like next weeks opponent is Chaos.

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