Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nurgle Blight Drone WIP

In addition to painting my Big Mek Stompa (which is almost done, just have some fine detail to finish up), I have been working on painting my new Blight Drone. The model itself is mostly painted, but I have yet to do anything with the base. I want to do something special with the base, but I am not sure what at this point.

I like the way it has turned out so far, but unfortunately the photos do not do it justice. For some reason, every picture I take of it gets that strange pink tint to the background. I am not sure what is up with that. I have tried different lighting and everything else I could think of. Photoshop only makes it worse.


Muskie said...

Looks alright, maybe a little more highlights on the shell. It also seems a bit shiney so maybe just a good coat of Matte sealant.

Rhellion said...

Probably your lighting making it look like that. Photography is no where near my strong suit.

Otherwise, looking GOOD!

Karitas said...

The "pink" is likely down to the colour temperature of the (I'm assuming) Incandescent lights you are usuing to throw light on the subject.

Your camera should be able to compensate for this with its white balance settings. you should have a dial or selection somewhere on it which goes through settings for "daylight" "florescent" "incandescent" and a few others.

try the incandescent setting. if that's still too pink/orange then try either setting the degrees kelvin, (probably around 4700) or manual (if your camera has that) where you would have to pint at a white surface and calibrate.

if you let me know the make and model of the camera i'll try and find out exactly which of these options you have. that or consult your manual :)

slipwing said...

@Muskie: I normally use a matte varnish, but I think you are right that the un-rusted shell could use a bit of highlighting.

@Rhellion: Thanks!

@Karitas: Thanks for the info, I will definately check into my camera features when I get home from work tonight. I use daylight incandescent lights for both painting and picture taking. Normally I do not have this issue but when I have had it, PaintShop's one-step photo fix usually fixes it right up. With this model, PhotoShop only makes it worse. I think it is because the color I painted the rust is so similar to the 'pink' color that it is treating them as the some color. I have never tried using the temperature adjust feature in PhotoShop, I might also give that a try. Thanks again!

Da Masta Cheef said...

'I want to do something special with the base, but I am not sure what at this point.'

Use some water effects to make it look as though its hovering over a swamp or something, and the water is being buffeted by the rotor's down wash.

That would look pretty cool & I haven't the faintest idea how you would do that, but you sounded like you were looking for suggestions....

slipwing said...

@Cheef: That is a great idea and would be pretty cool looking. Unfortunately, all my daemons are already mounted on rocky desert bases, so it would be out of theme. Otherwise, it would be really cool.

This is a pretty cool model sort of along those lines: I am curious what he made the ooze from and how sturdy it is for play.

slipwing said...

New pictures posted.