Saturday, June 19, 2010

Building a Nurgle Blight Drone

The other day, I picked up a Blight Drone from my FLGS for use in my Chaos Daemon army and I have been anxious to put it together. Even though I should be working on painting my Big Mek Stompa, I went ahead and put it together last night.

This is the second Forge World (FW) model I have purchased this year, the first being an Ork Mega Dread. Before that, it had been a long time since I bought any FW models. FW models used to be infamous for bad casts with really bad mold lines. I was impressed with both of these new models. FW must have really improved on their casting process, there were just a few mold lines and they were not bad at all.

Here are the contents of the kit with the exception of the 60mm base and flying post.

Blight Drone Kit Contents

As you can see, not a lot of pieces so it should be quick to assemble. I was surprised to see that it came with four fans, I originally thought it would only have two.

First thing I did before beginning assembly was to wash all the pieces throughly in warm water and dish soap and I used a soft bristle brush to scrub them thoroughly. This is to remove any releasing agent left on the model from the casting process. Although I have never experienced it, I have heard that the releasing agent can really cause problems when you try to prime and paint resin models, so you should always wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water.

Then I set out to smooth out any mold lines and clean off any flash that there was. As I mentioned, this model was cast pretty well and had almost no mold line. Flash was not too bad except with the turbines. They had some really thick flash between the fan supports.

Turbine Flash

I carefully used an Exacto knife to cut out the flash pieces and it took a bit of trimming and filing to clean up the pieces.

Turbines cleaned of flash

After cleaning off the rest of the casting remnants, it went together pretty quickly. I made sure to pin the turbines to the body of the drone as I could see them easily getting knocked off. After just less than an hour of assembly time, it was built. Here it is fully assembled.

Blight Drone Assembled

All I need to do is base it and it is ready for priming. When I paint him, I plan to paint him in a similar way as I painted my custom Nurgle Soul Grinder (pictured below) that I did last year. This Soul Grinder is the one conversion that I am most proud of and I can never pass up an opportunity to show it off. So if you have not seen it before, enjoy!

Nurgle Soul Grinder
Nurgle Soul Grinder
Nurgle Soul Grinder
Nurgle Soul Grinder


Papa JJ said...

Your Soulgrinder conversion looks brilliant, it's no wonder you're proud of him. I look forward to seeing how his buddy the Blight Drone turns out.

Evcam said...

Indeed, great job in the soulgrinder. Can't wait to see the Blight Drone painted. FW has some great Nurgle kits.

slipwing said...

Thanks Guys. The Blight Drone is in the process of being painted and I hope to have him done soon, although I really need to concentrate on the Big Mek Stompa. Painting the Blight Drone is hard to resist.

@Evcam: FW does have some nice Nurgle stuff. I am hoping to get more, just have not decided what yet.