Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Mek Stompa Complete

Last day of the month and I have I just finished my 40KFC 2010 Painting Challenge project for June, a Bad Moonz Big Mek Stompa. I like the way it turned out. I probably could have just kept painting the little details until the end of time, but I am just going to have to call it done. This also completes my #3 Painting Resolution for 2010.

After reading this post on Dark Future Gaming's blog, I tried the weathing technique using foam, only I used it for painting the mud on the feet and around the base of the skirt on the Stompa. I like this technique, especially on such a large model. It was quick but I am going to need more practice on getting just the right amount of paint on the foam, that seems be to the trickiest part. For painting this mud, I used Scorched Brown followed by Bestial Brown. It gives it a nice 'not quite dried mud' look. I will definately be using this in technique in the future.

Big Mek Stompa Front

Big Mek Stompa Rear

Big Mek Stompa Lifta Droppa

Big Mek Stompa Deff Kannon

Next month's painting challenge project, Shoota/Spanna Boyz.

Note - After the problems I had taking good quality pictures of my Nurgle Blight Drone, I have spent some time researching photo tips for miniatures as well as Photo Boxes. Instead of using two lights, I added a third one. I put two level with the table pointed slightly up and a third one pointing down. In the future, I want to get a fourth light and have two lights point slightly down at an angle. I have also tinkered with the settings of my camera. These photos I took of the BMS are unedited and I think they turned out good, but there is probably room for improvement. What do you think?


Da Masta Cheef said...

Excellent job!

The GunGrave said...

Looks great mate! Just one thing (in my humble opinion!) the hull plating could rwally do with some weathering and paint chips! Its very.....well.....YELLOW! Great model though!

RPiazza said...

Good job yellow is tough to pull off.