Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Initial Spearhead thoughts

Last night I was at my FLGS waiting for the new SEMBLL to start and I picked up the new issue of White Dwarf that has the new Spearhead rules. After reading through the rules, I thought I would jot down some of my thoughts.

If you are unfamilar with Spearhead, it is the latest expansion for WH40K and is designed to allow for huge tank battles. There are eight pages that cover the background and rules for Spearhead, and this month's battle report is a Spearhead battle between Imperial Guard and Eldar.

Spearhead basically follows the normal rules for WH40K but with a few significant changes. The first changes that stick out are to the Force Oganization chart. Although it basically remains the same as for normal games, there are no compulsory units; everything is 0-{normal unit max}, i.e. HQ are 0-2, Elite are 0-3, Troop are 0-6, etc. Next, there is the introduction of the new Spearhead Formation for which your army may contain "up to one spearhead formation of each type", although I could not figure out what exactly they mean by 'type'.

There is only one Spearhead Formation detailed in WD, however there will be more made available for download from GW's website in the future.

Based on the formation in WD, Spearhead formations are similar to APOC formations. The one in WH is called Tank Hunter Spearhead and costs 60 points plus the cost of the units. It says it may contain up to three tank or walker units and it gives all the units the Tank Hunter universal rule. I can envision taking this formation with nine Killa Kans with rokkit launchers and dealing out some damage.

There is mention of being able to use Super Heavies (the Baneblade and Stompa are mentioned by name), but we will have to wait for the formation sheets before we see what exactly this entails.

There are three new missions and three new deployment types. The first significant change here is that all Spearhead battles are fought down the length of the table instead across the width. The second change is to scoring units. Troops still count as scoring, but in Spearhead, all Tanks, Walkers, and Formations also count as scoring.

I won't go into detail about the three missions, but I will say that two of them are objective based. The other one is victory point condition where you get one victory point for each scoring unit that is at least partially in the opponent's half of the table.

Overall, I like the new expansion and I look forward to seeing what formations will be made available and getting in a few games. However, I cannot help but view Spearhead as nothing more than a scaled down version of APOC with more missions, and as a way of GW of doing nothing more than coming up with a way of selling more tanks. On the plus side, having another use for all my tanks, walkers, and super heavies is always a good thing. Furthermore, I have hope for lots of Ork Walker formations so that I can use my Stompas, Mega-Dread, Deff Dreads, and Killa Kans in one army list outside of APOC.

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Da Masta Cheef said...

Kinda what I was thinking (though I've not seen the new WD) is that its an Apoc light. Of course having 6 ork heavy support choices (mostly being vehicles) PLUS a box of kans still on the sprue, it might be fun.