Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IA8 Arrives

The weekend before last, I placed an order for Imperial Armour 8: The Raid on Kastorel-Novem and for an Ork Mega-Dread. I had been eagerly anticipating the IA8 book since I first heard about it several months ago. They both arrived last night and I must say, the wait was worth it.

Although I have yet to read through the book in its entirety, I have paged through it several times and I really like what I see. I will not bother doing a full review of the book as several have already been done, but I just want to mention a few things that I like.
  • Lifta-Wagons: As an Ork player, I love the Lifta-Droppa. Building a weapon based on tractor beam technology and using it to pick up and throw around enemy vehicles seems like such an Orky thing to do. When the Stompa kit was released, my first Stompa build was a Big Mek Stompa with a scratch-built Lifta-Droppa (see below). Now that I can mount a Lifta-Droppa in a Battlewagon, I am going to need to make another one. (I am not a fan of the Forge World Lifta-Droppa. IMO, it looks too 'Chaos-y' for my taste.)

  • Bommas and Blasta Bommas: It was a pleasant surprise to find rules for these two aircraft. Hard to say how good they will be in-game, but its good to see them. The Blasta Bomma will certainly be a future project of mine.
  • Dread Mob List: IA8 contains a new army list, the Dread Mob, and it is essentially a Big Mek's personal army. It allows for Deff Dread mobs of 1-3 dreads as a Troop choice, Killa Kan mobs of 3-5 Kans as Fast Attack, and the new Meka-Dread as HQ. Also, Lifta Wagons and Mega-Dreads are Heavy choices. It is hard to say if it is a competetive list or not, but it sure looks like it will be fun to play.
Overall, I really like this book. It is chock-full of Orky goodness and the things I listed above just scratch the surface of what this book contains. If you are an Ork player, I highly recommend getting this book.


Da Masta Cheef said...

What about the Grot tanks? Small as they are, they might actually be in my price range...

slipwing said...

I did not mention the Grot Tanks as they are talked about a lot already. IMO, I like them although they are a bit random. I am willing to give them a try. Also, there is lots of modeling potential with this unit.