Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deffrolla weathering test

Ok, I am new to weathering vehicles and so I started trying to muddy up the deffrolla on my battlewagon. Using a stippling technique and an old drybrush, I attempted to muddy up one-third of the rolla as a test. Here is how it turned out.

After I first did it, I was not too happy with the way it looked. I took this picture of it to post and get feedback on, but I think it looks better in the picture than real life.

IMO, it looks more rusted than muddy, which I actually like as an effect. I stippled it with Bestial Brown, followed by Bubonic Brown, and finally Bleached Bone. I am wondering if I should have used more Bestial Brown in order to achieve a muddy effect instead of rusted.

Which do you think it looks like?


Tim said...

Looks good, but I agree it looks more rusted than muddy.

Kuffeh said...

It does look more like rust. I have found for mud, a nice dried mud colour is graveyard earth. Then a bit of scorched brown and chaos black to act as a darker, fresher mud.

slipwing said...

@Kuffeh: That sounds like a better paint combination to try. Thanks!