Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Mek Stompa

When the Stompa kit was released, this was the first stompa that I built but I have not finished it until now. I chose this as my June Painting Challenge project because I want to get it finished. It was mostly complete, I just needed to build something to represent the Power Field Generators. Here are some pictures of it. C&C welcome!

Big Mek Stompa

Lifta Droppa
Lifta Droppa

The Gaze of Mork
Gaze of Mork

Power Field Generators
Power Field Generators

If the weather is good this week, I will get it primed and I can start painting it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Resolution Completed and Dred Mob Preview

I have finished the Coach, Troll, and Cheerleaders model for my Orc Bloodbowl team, thus completing my first New Years Resolution. One down, six more to go.

Blood Bowl Orc Coach, Troll, and Cheerleaders

As far as my Memorial Day Weekend projects, I have finished my Big Mek Stompa and it is ready for priming. I have also gotten the two Deff Dreads and six Killa Kans built. I guess it was not too ambitious of a list. I will post more pictures tomorrow, but here is a sneak preview of my APOC (and potentially Spearhead) Dred Mob.

Dred Mob

The only thing left to do for the weekend is my Big Mek Character, but I am not going to rush it, so if I don't finish it, no big deal. I have to make sure I get him right.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend All!

I know I am a bit early, but my 4 day weekend started today and I have a list of projects I am hoping to get done this weekend. The first one was my Mega Dread, but I finished building it last night. This weekend I plan to do the following.
  • Finish building my Big Mek Stompa: This is my June project for the painting challenge and I am planning on getting him built and ready for priming so that I may start painting it on June 1st.
  • Build two Deff Dreads: I have two of the new Deff Dreads that I have not even started building yet.
  • Build six Killa Kans: I still have six of the new Killa Kans that I need to get built.
  • Ork Big Mek Character: For a while, i have been thinking about designing a Big Mek character using the 'Heroes of Ordo Fraternitas' Character Creation Rules for use in Chapter events. It feels like it is time to get started on it. In order to use him, he must be modeled and WYSIWYG. Lets see what I can come up with.
It is hard to say if this is an ambitious list or not, but I get done what I get done.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Toy

When I ordered IA8 from Forge World a couple of weeks ago, I also ordered a Mega Dread. Something I have been wanting for a long time. Since I was so close to having my Orc Bloodbowl team finished (I just need to finish spray the Coach, Troll and Cheerleaders and then add the static grass), I decided to take some time to get it assembled.

I must say, I really love this model. It is so 'orky' looking and the detail is awesome. Lots of pistons, gears, and wiring. I have got to get a game soon so I can use it. Part of me really wants to make this my June project for the 40kFC painting challenge, but I going to stick with the Big Mek Stompa. So many projects, so little time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Initial Spearhead thoughts

Last night I was at my FLGS waiting for the new SEMBLL to start and I picked up the new issue of White Dwarf that has the new Spearhead rules. After reading through the rules, I thought I would jot down some of my thoughts.

If you are unfamilar with Spearhead, it is the latest expansion for WH40K and is designed to allow for huge tank battles. There are eight pages that cover the background and rules for Spearhead, and this month's battle report is a Spearhead battle between Imperial Guard and Eldar.

Spearhead basically follows the normal rules for WH40K but with a few significant changes. The first changes that stick out are to the Force Oganization chart. Although it basically remains the same as for normal games, there are no compulsory units; everything is 0-{normal unit max}, i.e. HQ are 0-2, Elite are 0-3, Troop are 0-6, etc. Next, there is the introduction of the new Spearhead Formation for which your army may contain "up to one spearhead formation of each type", although I could not figure out what exactly they mean by 'type'.

There is only one Spearhead Formation detailed in WD, however there will be more made available for download from GW's website in the future.

Based on the formation in WD, Spearhead formations are similar to APOC formations. The one in WH is called Tank Hunter Spearhead and costs 60 points plus the cost of the units. It says it may contain up to three tank or walker units and it gives all the units the Tank Hunter universal rule. I can envision taking this formation with nine Killa Kans with rokkit launchers and dealing out some damage.

There is mention of being able to use Super Heavies (the Baneblade and Stompa are mentioned by name), but we will have to wait for the formation sheets before we see what exactly this entails.

There are three new missions and three new deployment types. The first significant change here is that all Spearhead battles are fought down the length of the table instead across the width. The second change is to scoring units. Troops still count as scoring, but in Spearhead, all Tanks, Walkers, and Formations also count as scoring.

I won't go into detail about the three missions, but I will say that two of them are objective based. The other one is victory point condition where you get one victory point for each scoring unit that is at least partially in the opponent's half of the table.

Overall, I like the new expansion and I look forward to seeing what formations will be made available and getting in a few games. However, I cannot help but view Spearhead as nothing more than a scaled down version of APOC with more missions, and as a way of GW of doing nothing more than coming up with a way of selling more tanks. On the plus side, having another use for all my tanks, walkers, and super heavies is always a good thing. Furthermore, I have hope for lots of Ork Walker formations so that I can use my Stompas, Mega-Dread, Deff Dreads, and Killa Kans in one army list outside of APOC.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orc Blood Bowl Team 77% Complete

After a marathon painting weekend, I have completed 14 out of 18 models for my Orc Blood Bowl Team. I have completed two Throwers, three Blitzers, three Black Orc Blockers, and six Linemen. All that is left is a Troll, the Coach, and two Cheerleaders. However, I need a break and will work on them tomorrow. Tonight I am going to go watch a movie and relax.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Blood Bowl Players

Its been a busy week this week and I did not get as much time to work on my Blood Bowl team as I would have liked, but I have almost finished the first four players: two throwers and two blitzers. All I have left to do is finish spray and adding some static grass.

Fortunately, the league that was suppose to start last Tuesday was postponed until this Tuesday, so I might still have time to finish my team if I concentrate painting the players first and saving the Coach and Cheerleaders for last. Time to get back to work.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IA8 Arrives

The weekend before last, I placed an order for Imperial Armour 8: The Raid on Kastorel-Novem and for an Ork Mega-Dread. I had been eagerly anticipating the IA8 book since I first heard about it several months ago. They both arrived last night and I must say, the wait was worth it.

Although I have yet to read through the book in its entirety, I have paged through it several times and I really like what I see. I will not bother doing a full review of the book as several have already been done, but I just want to mention a few things that I like.
  • Lifta-Wagons: As an Ork player, I love the Lifta-Droppa. Building a weapon based on tractor beam technology and using it to pick up and throw around enemy vehicles seems like such an Orky thing to do. When the Stompa kit was released, my first Stompa build was a Big Mek Stompa with a scratch-built Lifta-Droppa (see below). Now that I can mount a Lifta-Droppa in a Battlewagon, I am going to need to make another one. (I am not a fan of the Forge World Lifta-Droppa. IMO, it looks too 'Chaos-y' for my taste.)

  • Bommas and Blasta Bommas: It was a pleasant surprise to find rules for these two aircraft. Hard to say how good they will be in-game, but its good to see them. The Blasta Bomma will certainly be a future project of mine.
  • Dread Mob List: IA8 contains a new army list, the Dread Mob, and it is essentially a Big Mek's personal army. It allows for Deff Dread mobs of 1-3 dreads as a Troop choice, Killa Kan mobs of 3-5 Kans as Fast Attack, and the new Meka-Dread as HQ. Also, Lifta Wagons and Mega-Dreads are Heavy choices. It is hard to say if it is a competetive list or not, but it sure looks like it will be fun to play.
Overall, I really like this book. It is chock-full of Orky goodness and the things I listed above just scratch the surface of what this book contains. If you are an Ork player, I highly recommend getting this book.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Blood Bowl League

Morga's Mashas

Looks like I will be playing in another league in the SEMBBL starting on Tuesday, so I am going to have to put painting my Ogre Kingdom army on hold and work on painting my Orc team. They are all assembled and ready for priming, which I will be doing later today. Hopefully I will be able to start painting them tonight.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battlewagon Complete

I have completed my first Ork battlewagon. As mentioned, it is my first experiment with weathering a vehicle, such as mud, paint chips, and rust. I think it turned out good, but I am not entirely happy with it. I feel I will need more practice to perfect my technique.

With this completion, I have completed the first five months of the 40KFC 2010 Painting Challenge and I have also surpassed 1000 points of Orks painted for the year.

Next month's project, finishing my Big Mek Stompa.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deffrolla weathering test

Ok, I am new to weathering vehicles and so I started trying to muddy up the deffrolla on my battlewagon. Using a stippling technique and an old drybrush, I attempted to muddy up one-third of the rolla as a test. Here is how it turned out.

After I first did it, I was not too happy with the way it looked. I took this picture of it to post and get feedback on, but I think it looks better in the picture than real life.

IMO, it looks more rusted than muddy, which I actually like as an effect. I stippled it with Bestial Brown, followed by Bubonic Brown, and finally Bleached Bone. I am wondering if I should have used more Bestial Brown in order to achieve a muddy effect instead of rusted.

Which do you think it looks like?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Battlewagon and Ogre Bulls WIP

Getting close to completing my first Ork Battlewagon. Just need to weather it a bit with dust and maybe some mud, and chip the paint a bit.

While waiting for the paint on the battlewagon to dry, I have been working on painting some ogres bulls. Here is a WIP picture of the first three bulls.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Battlewagon progress

Before I get too deep into painting my WHFB Ogre army, I am going to make sure I get my May Painting Challenge done first. Here is the early progress I have made on my Battlewagon.

Although I wanted to paint the Battlewagon in Bad Moonz yellow, I also wanted to represent the 'Red Paint Job' upgrade, so I am going with the red flames. I am painting the flames freehand and I think they are turning out ok. They are not easy to paint. IMO, the ones on top turned out better than the ones on the side.

Note - I am not sure why there is such a color difference between the two pictures. They were taken at the same time. The first picture (the side view) is the more accurate one.

Monday, May 3, 2010

More Ogres Assembled

It was a productive weekend in regards to my new Ogre Kingdoms army. I have put together everything but the 24 gnoblars from the Battalion box. Here are the latest models I have assembled and ready for painting.

Ogre Bull Crusher & Bellower

Ogre Ironguts

Ogre Leadbelchers

I also have a Tyrant, two Butchers, a Gorger and three Maneaters to assemble. I will probably assemble these before I assemble the gnoblars. Without knowing what the changes will be in 8th Edition, it is hard to plan an army. So I am just buying and painting the things that I want to for now.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ogre Bull Test Model

I have completed my Ogre Bull test model. I am pleased with the way he turned out.

As I mentioned previously, I am not a fan of the gray-skinned ogres as they are portrayed in the army book. When I was playing WHF in 4th edition, ogres had normal human skin tone. So that is the way I plan to paint my Ogre army.

I painted the flesh tones by starting with a base coat of Dark Flesh. I then mixed 2:1 Dwarf Flesh and Dark Flesh and painted that on leaving the deepest recesses still dark. Then I applied an overbrush of Dwarf Flesh, followed by a drybrush of Elf Flesh. After the model was finished, I washed it all with Devlan Mud.

After painting this test model, I decided not to go with war paint. I am not sure why I changed my mind on this. This model has not been sprayed with finish yet, so I could still add it.

What do you think?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Ogre Bulls

My first four Ogre Bulls are built and ready for priming. After I prime them, I am going to paint one as a test model before painting the rest.

I am not a fan of the 'grey'-skinned Ogres that are shown in the army book, so I am going to paint the test model with a normal flesh tone. I plan on adding war paint as well as 'dirtying' them up a bit. I want my Ogres to be somewhat colorful, so I plan to paint their war paint and clothes colorfully. We'll see how that one turns out before I continue with the rest.