Saturday, April 10, 2010


After talking with several people, I have decided that the buzzsaw I scratch made is not to big. Several people actually said that with Orks, can anything be too big? I would have to agree.

In order to mount it onto the front of the deffkopta, I needed to build a fork to mount it onto and that would look like the buzzsaw could spin. I started with a small track wheel from an old Lemun Russ kit that I had leftover and and cut the enclosed end off at a thickness of 1/8". I then attached it to the end of a piece of plastic rod, like this.

Then I cut of the other end of the track wheel at a thickness of 1/16" and attached it to a second piece of plastic rod.

Since the original hole in the center of the track wheel was larger than the plastic rod I was planning to use for the axle, I used a piece of plastic tubing big enough to fit inside of the track wheel. I cut the plastic tubing so that it would allow for a gap between the buzzsaw blade and the mounting, making it look like the blade could spin inside the mounting.

After cutting a piece of plastic rod for the axle, I began to assemble the mount and it looked like this.

The only thing I needed now was some kind of motor. After a quick search of my bit box, I found the motor from an imperial searchlight. I trimmed the mounting base off the motor and attached it to the buzzsaw.

Now I just need to mount it onto the deffkopta, which I will detail in my next post.

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Karitas said...

Hi there.

just wanted to drop you a line as I've linked you in my most recent post. it seems a few of us in the blogsphere have started with orks at the same time, and while i posted mine, i thought i'd give your efforts a shout out as we're doing the same thing a the moment.