Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Killa Kans and Orc Bloodbowl Players

As with most Ork players, I have been eagerly awaiting getting my hands on the new Killa Kan kit. Fortunately, I was able to get two boxes at my LGS today and I have already put together two Kans with Grotzookas.

Killa Kans with Grotzookas

I like these kits. They look a lot better than the old Kans (not that there was really anything wrong with the old kans). The new ones are larger and bulkier, and have a lot more detail. Here is a comparison of the two.

New and Old Killa Kan comparison

With these new Kans, I will have a total of nine Kans. All I need to do now is convert a Deff Dread with a KFF and I will be able to field an impressive APOC Dread Mob.

Blood Bowl
Earlier this week, I converted another Black Orc Blocker using the plastic WHF Black Orcs. This one I modeled with his fists over his head as if he is getting ready to smash an opponent. I think he is my favorite.

Black Orc Blocker

I also tried converting an Orc Blitzer using WHF Orc bits, but I am undecided if I like him or not. He does not look very Blood Bowl-ish and I am not sure what to do to make him more that way. Any ideas?

Orc Blitzer


Angelic_Despot said...

I like the blitzer: I think he looks very bloodbowl-ish. You just need to give him, and his team, a distinctive paint job. i.e. 'team colours' not 'brown furs' look.

Anonymous said...

The kans are great models, so are the dreads. It makes me want to paint some Orks!


twitter: rpthomps

slipwing said...

I have yet to pick up the new dread, but I have seen a couple around my local group. They are great models!

Anonymous said...

I think it is the helmet and the armour bits between his legs that are making look un Blood Bowl like.

The pose also seems a bit awkward with his arms up like that. Good luck with the team!

Graham said...

I've had doing this in the back of my mind for a while.. so it's cool to see. Maybe some chains round his hands and a wire face guard?