Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blood Bowl League - Week 5 (Final Week)

Last night was the fifth and final game of the SEMBBL and my opponent was another Undead team. My opponent's team was valued 190,000 gp more than mine, and I bought an extra re-roll and Budweiser Babes with my inducements.

The game did not go very well for me. The Kick Off result for the first half was Riot, so we both immediately lost a turn right of the bat. I won the coin toss but elected to kick off in the first half. On my opponent's opening turn, I lost two Black Orc blockers (both KO'd) and a Blitzer (smashed hand). Losing three players before getting to do anything really threw me off my game and I was not able to recover. My opponent had a player on the edge of the end zone and could have scored on turn 6, but elected to keep beating my team down and put off scoring until turn 8. Fortunately he did not do any long term damage. The Budweiser Babes came in handy for getting my players back.

The second half I did slightly better, but not good enough. Again the Kick Off result was Riot and another lost turn for both teams. I was still flustered from the first half and made some bad choices, allowing my Thrower carrying the ball to get blitzed and fumble the ball. Again my opponent could have scored again about half way through the second half but this time he decided to try to get as many star points as he could before scoring, but it did cost him a couple short turns. He did manage to get the ball to the players he wanted to and scored late in the game.

My troll was voted MVP even though he failed five Really Stupid rolls (four of those needed a 2+ and I rolled 1's).

Overall, an embarrassing performance for the Orcs.

Final results:
Morga's Mashas: 0
Tut's Nuts: 2

My team's final record for the season is 1/3/1 and no hope of a playoff spot. Better luck next season.

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Da Masta Cheef said...

I never really got into Blood Bowl, although i love all the goofy team names!