Monday, March 22, 2010

Blood Bowl League - Week 4

Last Thursday was game 4 of the SEMBBL and this week it was orcs vs orcs.

With orcs playing orcs, it was a real brawl, especially since on the second half kick off result was Get the Ref. Our teams were similar, the only real difference was he had a goblin and I had more Black Orc Blockers and Blitzers.

This was the first game I played were my opponent's team was valued less than mine and he had enough inducements to buy an extra re-roll. I won the kick off and elected to kick. There was no scoring in the first half as both teams just beat on each other and kept turning the ball over.

In the second half, both teams were still beating on each other and there was a lot of fouling going on since the ref was not going to call anything. I managed to score on turn four of the second half.

My opponent came very close to tying the game on his turn eight. He had a player pick up a fumble in his half and hand it off to his goblin. The goblin what accurately thrown by the troll just 8 spaces from the end zone. All the goblin had to do was push it two time to score. He made the first Push roll, but failed the second one into the end zone and he was out of re-rolls. So close.

It was a great game and my first victory. My team is 1/2/1.

Final results:
Morga's Mashas: 1
Skullpass Pigstikaz: 0

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