Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blood Bowl League - Week 3

Last night was my week 3 game of the SEMBBL. My opponent's team was undead.

In the Pre-Match setup, I had enough money in Inducements to hire a mercenary troll for the match. I am glad I did. Facing down two mummies made me think I was going to need that extra strength.

I won the Coin toss and elected to kick off. The roll on the Kick Off table was 'Brilliant Coaching' and I won that roll off, giving me an extra Re-Roll for the half.

Not much else happened in the first half. It was just a game of keep away and neither team could hold onto the ball long enough to do anything. However, I did lose a Blitzer and a Lineman to injuries in the first half. Fortunately both results were only Badly Injured, so no long term effects other than being out for the game. I also had a Black Orc Blocker and a second Blitzer KO'd.

Things started off bad at the start of the second half. I failed both recovery rolls for the KO'd players and had to start with eight players on the field. The second half Kick Off roll was again 'Brilliant Coaching' which I won as well.

Things were going about the same as in the first half until, on Turn 4, one of my Throwers tried passing the ball to the other Thrower who dropped the pass. The Undead team was able to recover the ball and score, while also injuring another Blitzer (Badly Hurt) and KO'd one of my throwers.

On the subsequent Kick Off (also a Brilliant Coaching result that I again won), I had to start with only seven players. On three KO'd rolls, I only made one for the thrower. Unfortunately, the opponent's team had a full eleven players and things were looking grim.

I was unable to hold the line of scrimmage and ended up losing the ball in the backfield and the Undead team was able to capitalize on it.

On the following kick off, which this time resulted in a Blitz, things looked dire. That was on turn seven, and my first block roll of that turn failed, as did the re-roll, and ended my turn. Fortunately, my opponent also failed his first block roll of the turn and it was down to turn 8.

On turn 8, my thrower was able to pick of the ball, hand it off to the other thrower, who ran down the field and successfully passed it to a Black Orc Blocker, who actually caught it and took off down the field. Unfortunately, he just did not have the movement to get to the end zone, but it was my best play of the game.

With the gold I gained from the match, I am able to permanently hire a troll. My Fan Factor dropped on a roll of snake-eyes.

Final results:
Morga's Mashas (0/2/1): 0
Grave Robbers (1/1/1): 2


eriochrome said...

We seem to be running on parrellel paths. I have a league game this week against a Necromantic. They are just going to eat up my Chaos team.

slipwing said...

@eriochrome: I have not face a Necromantic team yet, but the Norse Werewolf I did face was tough. Good luck on your match!