Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blood Bowl League - Week 2

This week's opponent for the SEMBBL Winter Brawl was High Elves and although the game resulted in a Draw, it was a blast. When I had played Blood Bowl previous to this league, it was with players who were all learning the game and we we more or less goofing around with the game. So now I am finding out how inexperienced I am by playing against a group of veterans. Fortunately, they are a good group and both of my opponents so far have been kind enough to give me some pointers during the game.

Morga's Mashas (0/1/1): 1
Lorellon Armory (1/0/1): 1

This game went better than my last game. The dice were not out to get me. There was no scoring at all in the first half as neither team was able to hold onto the ball for any length of time. The HE returned the second half kick off for a touchdown. I tied the game on my last turn of the game (which was the last turn for either team) by having Zogzag, my orc thrower, throw a completion to Gaszar, a blitzer, who ran it in for the TD at the buzzer.

My team caused 3 casualties to the HE team and my team leads the league in Casualties with 6 total. Wazzag, a blitzer, killed one of the High Elf Lineman. Gordag, a lineman, smashed the collar bone of another HE lineman and Karrog, also a lineman, injured a third HE lineman forcing the elf to miss his next game.

Karrog won the MVP even though he was killed during the game by a HE Catcher.

Next week, my opponent is an Undead team and I am really looking forward to it.

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eriochrome said...

It really hurts when a model that is KIA gets the MVP. Pretty much a double blow to team development.

I have a league game tonight in the Dexter/Chelsea Blood Bowl league against High Elves. My Chaos will be lucky to draw I think as I am going in down a warrior.