Monday, February 22, 2010

Blood Bowl League

I found out over the weekend that there will be a Blood Bowl League starting up this week at my LGS (tomorrow to be more specific) and I have decided to play in it with my Orc team. This is my first Blood Bowl League, I have only ever played a handful of Blood Bowl games and that was almost a decade ago (or whenever the last boxed set came out).

I really wish I had heard about this league sooner so that I had more time to prepare for it. I have already downloaded the current rulebook and I am quickly reading through it. As for my Orc team, all I have for it is just the plastic models that came with the box set (2 throwers, 2 Blitzers, 2 Black Orc blockers, and 6 linemen). That may be enough for the league, but if not I may need to order some more players from my LGS (including some of the cool, albeit nasty, Orc cheerleaders).

In addition to the plastic Orc and Human teams that came with the boxed set, I have also acquired a Chaos team and a High Elf team from former players I knew, but I will not be using them for this league.


eriochrome said...

Blood bowl is a great game and a league is the way to play. I suggest ebay as a good source of players. Old plastic orc teams can be had for reasonable prices as can the metal team. Much better than the new from GW price.

slipwing said...

I was looking at the GW prices this morning and I had no idea Bloodbowl had gotten so expensive. While ebay is a good suggestion, I have started looking at WHF Orcs for some conversion ideas. The plastic Black Orc box looks like it could be used to make some more blockers.

eriochrome said...

Converting out of WFB can work but the problem is that you generally only need a couple of each model type so if you have to buy whole boxes to get the parts you do not save much money.

Here is a Lizardman squad I made up a while ago. The new temple guard would add even more character to the saurus's.

Good to see some Metro Detroit people playing. We have a little league out here past the west edge of Ann Arbor right now.

slipwing said...

Nice work on the Lizardman team. That looks pretty cool.

You are right about only needing a few models from several kits, but fortunately I have a WHF Orc & Goblin army a can loot from. I was sorting through stuff last night (when I should have been painting) looking for ideas, but those are for another post.