Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Project List Update

Due to the Holidays, a pretty nasty sinus infection that took me out for a good week around Christmas, and the God Of War Collection for the PS3, I have not gotten anything done for a few weeks. Now that the Holidays are over and I am healthy again, I am looking forward to getting back to the norm and getting some stuff done, if I can pull myself away from GoW that is.

1. OF Fortress of Redemption: This is ready for priming but unfortunately I have no place big enough to prime this during the wintertime, so unless I can find someone who can prime it for me, it will have to wait until Spring.

2. Tyranids: Not having much luck getting enough people to do a Tale of Four Gamers, therefore I am going to hold off on doing anything with them for now and save them for a future ToFGs.

3. Orks: Almost all of my 2010 Painting Resolutions focus on this army, so I am getting geared up to get going on them. Just need to choose a clan. I am painting a test boy in Bad Moon colors to see how he turns out.


oni said...

I hear you on the Fortress of Redemption. That thing is huge.

Anonymous said...

What's the whole idea between the tale of 4 gamers thing? Because I have tons of nids that need painting and wouldn't mid being involved. I'd start a blog or something to make it easy to stay in touch. I live in Fraser, MI. I wanted to slowly start building up some death korps, too, but work has slowly been cutting my hours to the point that im basically layed off. Let me know, my email is mdebeul@gmail.com

slipwing said...

It is from a White Dwarf Article, but I cannot remember the issue number. The way we did it is you have 3 weeks to assemble and paint a 500 point army, then you fight all three opponents with that 500 army. You get points for having everything painted and for playing the game and whether you win or lose. Then you assemble and paint 500 more points in three weeks and fight another battle, etc. Do it two more times and you have a fully painted 2000 point army. It is a lot of fun, but you have to have people who are dedicated for it. Once people start dropping out, it falls apart quickly.