Saturday, January 30, 2010

Orks been looting...

Sort of. I was at my LGS today and found two kits that I had to have for helping convert ork vehicles.

I had seen the chemical plant before because I have seen some ork conversions that used it. I plan to use most of these kits for my Skullahamma that I am planning on building this year.

But the main reason I bought the power plant was for this:

I have been looking for something to use to represent the Force Fields on my Big Mek Stompa and these will be perfect, once I orkify them a bit. Its going to be a good year for the orks.

The clerk at the LGS was concerned about these kits because the plastic is dyed silver and was questioning its ability to hold paint. I have seen others use them so I am not too concerned about it. Has anyone used these kits before and had a problem painting it?


will-1066 said...

Well, if you're concerned about the paint holding, you can always use a really fine file or sandpaper to rough it up a bit, then it will hold any paint or glue you use with no problems.

slipwing said...

I have already built and painted my Big Mek Stompa ( using these bits and I did not have any issues painting it. Thanks for the advice though!