Monday, January 25, 2010

New Army Transport Case

I got myself a new transport case for my ork vehicles this weekend, the Army Transport Motor Pool. This is my first Sabol case and they are pretty popular in my local gaming club.

Before this, I had been transporting my ork vehicles loose in a cardboard box which would occasionally damage them. Now that I am starting to paint my ork army, I wanted to make sure they were protected.

I really like this case and I would recommend it to anyone with lots of vehicles. It comes with one 4 inch, one 3 inch, two 2.5 inch, and one 1 inch trays.

I used the 4 inch tray for my two battlewagons and I will be able to fit three trukks in the 3 inch tray.

In the other 3 inch tray, I was able to fit my trukk with the cow catcher, three killer kans, and a deff dread.

I used the 1 inch tray for 32 grots. I plan to use one of the 2.5 inch trays will be for my biker boyz. It should be able to hold nine bikers.

Overall, a worthwhile purchase.

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