Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Painting Resolutions - The Year of the Ork

Happy New Year to all! It just wouldn't be New Years without some kind of resolution, so I am going to make some painting resolutions in hopes of getting my favorite army, Orks, painted. It is currently entirely unpainted, so there is lots to do.

1. 40kFightClub 2010 Painting Challenge
The 40kFightClub is running a Painting Challenge contest. Rules are simple, choose an army and paint one minimum-sized unit from the specified FOC slot each month (Full details can be found here). The schedule is below and I will fill in my chosen unit at the beginning of each month.
  • January - Warboss
  • February - Slugga Boyz with Nob
  • March - Nobz with Painboy
  • April - Deffkoptas
  • May - Battlewagon
  • June - Big Mek Stompa
  • July - Shoota Boyz
  • August - Burna Boyz
  • September - Killa Kan Attack Mob
  • October - Heavy Support
  • November - Painter's Choice
  • December - Objective Marker
2. Complete a 2,000 points fully painted ork army
Just in case the first resolution does not result in a full 2000 points, my second resolution is to make sure I have a fully painted 2000 point army (not including APOC units).

    Points Finished:  1235

3. Finish Big Mek Stompa
My Big Mek Stompa is mostly built, just need some final details and then painting.

4. Finish Stompa
I have a Stompa that is mostly built and needs painting.

5. Build and paint a Skullhamma
I already have a Baneblade kit that I have been sitting on in hopes of building a Skullhamma. Time to start building it.

6. Paint Fighta Bomma
My Fighta-bomma is already assembled, just need to paint it.

7. Paint Orc Bloodbowl Team

If I get this all done, I will have a nice looking Ork army.

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