Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Project List Update

Did not get much time to work on thing this past week, but I have gotten a lot done on the Fortress of Redemption. I just have the little detail bits to do and then finish the base and it will be ready to prime.

On the Fantasy side, I have been unable to find my Chaos Dwarves. They were boxed up a decade ago when I last moved and they were never unpacked. Now I cannot find the box they were in. It is sad. They were always my favorite.

So now I am debating between playing a dwarf army I have been trying to sell, starting a Tomb Kings army, or, based on the new Tyranid Advance Orders I saw today, revamp my Tyranid Army. I think I am leaning towards revamping Tyranids, but we will see.

1 comment:

oni said...

Nice. I got mine the other day. These things are even more massive than what all the pictures let on. I really like the base you've made for yours.