Monday, November 9, 2009

Project List Update

Although I did very little on my project list this past week, I did make some progress on my Temple of Pestilence. I am making sure to take my time with this piece as it will serve as a centerpiece for my daemon army and I want it to look nice. I currently have it about 90% painted, I just need to go back and do the detail work on it. I am planning on experimenting with some static grass on this piece, including making patches of dead grass and putting some dead grass in the cracks between the stones.

Some of my time last week was spent inventorying my armies and writing up my army lists for the blog. As I get projects completed, I plan to update the appropriate army list with pictures, eventually leading to a fully painted army list.

Also, since the weather was forecast to be very nice this weekend, I spent a bit of time during the week getting models ready to prime. After a can and a half of primer, I got a fair bit of stuff primed, mainly Orks. 80% of my Ork army is now primed and ready for painting.

Now that the Planetstrike League is over, I am going to have to decide on which army to play in the next 'Ordo Fraternitas' league. It is not scheduled to start until early to mid January, so I have some time yet. It is going to be either Orks or Cadians and that will be the next army to concentrate on. Nothing beats playing with a fully painted army.

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