Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planetstrike League ends

This is over a week late in posting, but better late then never. I wrapped up the OF Planetstrike league last Saturday (10/31) with both of my Round 4 games. My opponent this round was Necrons and the mission was Forlorn Hope.

Game 1
Game 1 was the quickest game of 40k I have ever played. Since I always start with no units on the table, my opponent was able to get his Destroyer Lord and Wraiths on the tallest objective with the flag on turn one and I instantly lost. I knew I should have put a taller terrain piece on the table, but for some reason I didn't.

Game 2
Game two was a much better game. With a large unit of Plaguebearers carrying the flag, I was pretty confident that they would be able to hold onto it. Unfortunately, since I am writing this up a week later, the details are a little fuzzy, but I can cover the highlights, including the epic battle to bring Nightbringer down.

The table was setup with two bastions flanking my Temple of Skulls. On turn one, the daemons arrive. Everything but the Beasts of Nurgle and the unit of Plaguebearers with the flag arrived on turn one. Neither of these units arrived until they automatically came in on turn 3. Unfortunately, the beasts misshaped and were lost in the warp. The PBs with the flag landed right on top of the tallest objective, a risky move that won me the game.

At the end of the movement phase, my opponent tried to surround the Bloodcrushers with drop pylons, but one pylon landed on the Flamers and was destroyed, the other landed on a piece of defense line and was destroyed.

With some lucky rolls, neither bastion was standing at the end of the assault phase in turn one.

In turn two, the Necrons reenforcements began to arrive. They quickly got to business and immobilized the Soul Grinder and killing all the Flamers.

The highlight of the game was on turn two when the Bloodthirster, Great Unclean One, and a Daemon Prince of Nurgle all assaulted Nightbringer. Prior to the assault, the GUO used Breath of Chaos on him and managed to inflict a wound. In the assault, combat was lost by the daemons, and sadly everyone but the Bloodthirster made their fearless checks. That was the Bloodthirster's last wound and he was banished back to the warp. Things were looking dire for the daemons, but in the following opponent's assault phase, no one died and the combat was a draw. It was really the GUO who was doing the most damage to Nightbringer due to its Noxious Touch attack.

In the following turn, the Bloodcrushers came in to avenge the death of the Bloodthirster and they alone managed to bring Nightbringer down. It was quite an epic battle. The daemon prince managed to remain unwounded, but the GUO was down to one remaining wound.

On turn three, the unit of PBs with the flag arrived, and landed right on top of the ruined temple. My opponent now had until the end of his following turn to either capture the flag or he would lose. He shot everything he had at them and reduced their numbers to just five models.

Before his shooting phase, his unit of wraiths with the Destroyer Lord was easily in assault range, but he killed so many of the PBs and I was removing the closest models to it that he missed the assault by just an 1/8". There was a slight dispute on the position of the closest wraith because the model had been placed on its side since it was in terrain where it was unable to sit flat, so we rolled off for whether it could assault or not and I won the roll off, thus winning the game.

Overall, it was a great game. I really enjoyed the Planetstrike league as a whole, although playing daemons was a weird army to play as the defender. You ignore so many of the PS Deployment rules that it sort of felt like just regular games of 40k. Hopefully there will be another PS league next year in which I can play my Cadians.

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