Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Necron Army

I have had a Necron army since the army was introduced in the mid-ninties. I bought the all metal models with the destroyer 'jet bikes' and had a lot of fun playing them in 3rd edition.

When the 4th edition plastics came out, I sold off my original Necron army and bought the new boxed army the day it was released. I built it up and got it 90% painted, though I only played a handful of games with them in 4th ed (I really only played maybe 10 games total in 4th ed.).

When I first started playing 5th edition, the first couple of games I played was with my Necrons and I got stomped into the ground each time. I think this is because I was still playing 3rd Edition tactics with them and that was not working.


Current Army
  • HQ
    • The Deceiver
    • Lord with Warsythe
    • Lord with Staff of Light
    • Destroyer Lord with Warsythe
  • Elite
    • 8 Immortals
    • 10 Flayed Ones
    • 6 Pariahs
  • Troops
    • 12 Warriors
    • 12 Warriors
    • 12 Warriors
  • Fast
    • 3 Destroyers
    • 3 Destroyers
    • 3 Wraiths
    • 9 Scarab Swarms
  • Heavy
    • Monolith
    • 3 Heavy Destroyers
    • 2 Tomb Spiders
  • Battlefleet Gothic
    • Cairn Class Tombship
    • 3 Scythe Class Harvest Ships
    • 3 Shroud-Class Light Cruisers
    • 4 Jackal Escorts
    • 4 Dirge Escorts

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