Monday, November 2, 2009

Must Have Unit - Beasts of Nurgle

A FTW Collaborative Post

When playing my daemon army, I always squeeze in a unit of Beasts of Nurgle. This is a unit that I see get bashed quite a bit for its randomness, but I find them particularly useful.

While they are Slow & Purposeful, their high toughness, two wounds, eternal warrior, invulnerable save, and Feel No Pain means they can take a lot of punishment and still survive. And with being Fearless, they will not break and run away if they take a lot of casualties. This makes them good for contesting enemy held objectives.

In an assault, the random poisoned attacks can be a blessing or a curse. If a unit of seven beasts gets to assault another unit and rolls a 6 for the number of attacks (something that has personally happened to me three times now), that totals a whopping 49 attacks when you include the bonus attack for assaulting! Combine that with the poisoned rule (always wounding on a 4+, and re-rolling wounds against T4 or less) and you can have a real powerhouse unit. But you will have to take the roll of a 1 attack each when it comes up, and trust me, it will. If the beasts do not kill all the enemy models in the unit they are in an assault with, it is likely that they will tie that unit up for a while.

In the twelve games I have played with them, there were only two or three games when the unit was not still on the table at the end of the game, and one of those was a Deep Strike mishap where they were lost.

Overall, I find them a must take unit.

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