Friday, November 13, 2009

The Deadwoods

I finished another terrain piece, the Deadwoods. This piece is made of Armorcast dead trees and tree stumps glued onto a hardboard base. I glued sand and balast onto the base. After it was painted, I added some static grass.


the other Kevin said...

Great looking piece of work, nicely done!

Mr.Esty said...

Looks great! What colours did you use to paint trees (if I may ask)?

slipwing said...

Painting the trees was really easy. For the bark, I started with a black undercoat, basecoated them with scorched brown, overbushed with codex grey, and finished with a drybrush of fortress grey.

The wood is kommando khaki washed with thinned down chestnut wash. I very lightly drybrushed it with fortress grey too make it look old and weathered like the bark.