Monday, October 19, 2009

Project List

It appears the our local Tale of Four Gamers has dissolved away. It is a shame since it was a lot of fun and a great motivation to get things painted. So I am going to try starting a project list so that I can finish up the Nurgle daemons that I have started work on and then move on to some projects from other armies. My starting list with due dates is:

  • Epidemous (10/25)
  • Death Guard Daemon Prince (10/25)
  • 4 Beasts of Nurgle (10/25)
  • 15 Plaguebearers (11/01)
  • Temple of Skulls (11/08)
My goal is to have Epidemous, the DP, and the Beasts of Nurgle done by 10/25 as I have already started painting them and it should be quick work to finish them. The 15 plaguebearers are primed and I am targeting them to be done by 11/01. The Temple of Skulls, my favorite terrain piece at the moment, is partially painted and I will try to have that done by Sunday 11/08.

I am trying not to be too ambitious to begin with since failure to complete the projects my kill the whole project list.


Globalsmack said...

Your pod just needs a leader to set the pace. Step up and keep it going.

slipwing said...

Probably, and if I was not so burned out on my daemons, I would try to keep it going. However, after three days, I am finding it hard to keep working on the daemons from my project list.