Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project List Update

I was unable to get my Death Guard Daemon Prince and Epidemius completed this week but I did make good progress on both of them. The DP is about 90% complete and Epidemius is about 70%. I have yet to start on my remaining Plaguebearers, although I did start painting a Death Guard Sorcerer in between painting the DP and Epidemius.

To be honest, I think I got too ambitious with my project list to start with. The DP and Epidemius have so much fine detail that they are taking much longer than originally thought. Having due dates on projects turns out was not a good idea. IMO, it takes the relaxing part out of the hobby, so I will no longer use them.

The goal of the project list is simply to keep me focused on the projects that I have started in hopes I will complete them. I am very bad at starting a project and then starting on something else halfway through that project. I am sure this is a problem many gamers have. I am going to keep a running list in the sidebar with the completed date and potentially a link to a WIP picture or a picture of the completed project.

Feel free to post a comment on how you stay focused on your projects.

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