Monday, October 19, 2009

Planetstrike League Round 3 Game 2

The game happened on Saturday and it was the Planetstrike Seize and Destroy Mission where the attacker has to hold the center objective without it being contested by the defender. A very hard mission for the attacker to win IMO. We played 2500 points per side.

Here is my army:

I did not take notes again but I will write what I can remember. Not all the pictures turned out good, but I have some good ones.

There were three objectives, but only the center bastion really counted. My Stratagems were Ground Observer and Dawn Assault. My opponent took Krak Attack, Force Pylons, and Void Shield.

I got a total of 8 Firestorm attacks, and since I was not able to target the center bastion, I went after the hammerheads hiding in the ruins. Unfortunately, nothing happened to them.

I made my Daemonic Assault roll and got the half of the army I wanted (aka the Nurgle half) and reserve rolls for turn 1 were generous. I got everything but the Bloodcrushers and the Flamers.

Turn 1 saw no Deep Strike mishaps, and I was fortunate to be able to get three assaults off on turn one. The Soul Grinder assaulted a small unit of Kroot guarding the center objective, the Beasts of Nurgle assaulted the Crisis Suits on the other side of the center bastion, and the Daemonettes assaulted a hammerhead. The Soul Grinder broke the kroot and wiped them out. The Beasts of Nurgle rolled a 6 for their random poisoned attacks, giving them a whopping 49 attacks. The poor Crisis suits never stood a chance and were wiped out. The Daemonettes assaulted a hammerhead and wrecked it thanks to their rending claws.

Turn one for the defender saw some of her reinforcements arrive. The Tau HQ Crisis Suits deep striked close to the ruins behind the Beasts of Nurgle. Then moved into it, forcing me to remove my Ground Observer Statagem. Although the Tau shot with everything they had, my army was mostly left intact. The Daemonettes were reduced to one model.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2
My second turn saw the arrival of the Bloodcrushers and the Flamers. The Bloodcrushers were very close to mishapping by arriving very close to a unit of Crisis Suits, but since I only took six, I was able to wrap them around and still be an inch away from the crisis suits. The Flamers arrived on the other side of the board losing three of their numbers thanks to an effective Krak Attack roll.

The Soul Grinder had its eyes on destroying the center bastion and moved towards it. He vomited through the gun slit killing 4 of the Firewarriors within it.

He assaulted the bastion, along with the Bloodthirster.

The Bloodthirster was not needed as the Soul Grinder ripped through the bastion with ease.

The Great Unclean One, the Beasts of Nurgle, and one unit of Plaguebearers, along with the remaining flamers who were close by, moved towards the ruins where the enemy HQ unit was hiding, attempting to box them in as much as they could since there was no way anything could assault them that turn.

The Flamers used their Breath of Chaos killing one shield drone and wounding one of the crisis suits.

The Bloodcrushers assaulted the Crisis Suit unit that almost caused them to mishap. They did enough wounds to cause the Crisis Suits to break and then wiped them out.

One of the Daemon Princes was able to assault the stingwings causing havoc on the flank and killed two, but the stingwings failed to wound the DP and they held their ground for this turn.

The lone Daemonette assaulted a unit of two gun drones and destroyed them.

My opponents turn two saw the arrival of a third hammerhead and a unit of firewarriors both coming in on my dropzone. The HQ CS unit came out of the ruins and poured all their firepower into the Great Unclean One and were able to send it back to the warp. The tau poured almost everything they could into the Bloodthirster and remained unwounded thanks to lots of luck save rolls. The lone Daemonette was shot down and the DP not locked in battle got shot down as well. The other DP in combat with the stingwings killed a few more and was able to break the unit and wipe them out.

On turn 3, the Soul Grinder and the Bloodthirster moved away from the center objective in order to the let the Plaguebearers move in and clean up the remaining firewarriors. The Beasts of Nurgle moved towards the HQ CS unit that just killed the GUO and was able to assault them. Unfortunately, the BoN rolled a 1 for their attacks and actually managed to lose combat.

My memory from here is vague especially since I stopped taking pictures for the last couple of turns. The Daemons managed to kill 95% of all Tau non-vehicle units and the Tau killed all the Greater Daemons (actually the Bloodthirster died when he lost his last wound by landing in difficult terrain).

The game ended on turn 6 with three units of Plagebearers and the remaining two Beasts of Nurgle trying to destroy the 4 Tau tanks (3 hammerheads and a devilfish) that were contesting the center objective.

Overall, another fun game.

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