Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Planetstrike League Continues...

Round 2 Game 2

Last Saturday, I fought game two of Round 2 in the PS league. I was not able to take my camera to the game with me as the wife took it with her to the in laws with the kids, so I have no pictures to post.

We fought the Desperate Assault mission with my daemons attacking and the Tau defending. The game had five bastion/objectives, one in each corner and the last in the center of the table. I choose not to place the Beachhead objective. I made my 'Wrack and Ruin' roll and destroyed a bastion, and the Firestorm's only effect was destroying the bastion in the center of the table.

My stratagems included Darken the Skies, Ground Observer, and Confusion Reigns, which I uses to swap the 30 kroot in the central bastion with 12 firewarriors in one of the corner bastions. My opponent took Krak Attack (as all my opponents do), Ammo Store, and Laz-maze.

My army arrived all on turn one (as it usually does in PS). I do not remember any big highlights during the battle as it was just Tau shooting and Daemons assaulting. My Soul Grinder, through two turns of assaulting the bastion with 30 kroot, failed to crack the bastion and got destroyed by the hammerhead that came onto the table behind it. My LoC was killed by the shooting attacks of two full squads of stealthsuits that came onto the table behind him.

I ended up losing the battle simply because I forgot that the objective was to keep the defender from solely occupying an objective and the game ended on turn 5 with him solely controlling two objectives. Still, it was a fun game and my strategies and tactics with daemons are improving, as you will see in...

Round 3 Game 1

Last night I fought game 1 of round three. Turns out my opponent for this round is also Tau. The mission this round is Seize and Destroy. Daemons defended and Tau attacked in this game. I used my Temple of Skulls as the central objective, which I must say is one of the best scenery pieces GW has ever done.

For this battle, my strategy was simple, lots of PBs to swarm the objective. I took 4 squads of 12 PBs each, 6 BoN, 6 bloodcrushers, 3 daemon princes (2 with the mark of Nurgle and one with the mark of Slaanesh), 1 GUO, 1 Bloodthirster, 1 LoC, and my Nurgle Soulgrinder.

I made my Daemonic Assault roll and got the half of the army I wanted which was all but the 4 PBs squads, the BoN squad, and the DP of Slaanesh. My plan was send in the big guys to cause as much havoc as they could and kill as much as they could. They were all cannonfodder IMO.

With the 'Behind Enemy Lines' rule of the mission, I knew that my reserves would arrive later in the game and I was banking on it. With the PBs in reserve, they could not be shot at and I was hoping that there IS and FNP would keep them alive once they did arrive and I must say, it worked beautifully. My opponent tried desperately to kill the PBs, but as usual, they just refused to go down easy.

I forgot my camera, so no pictures again to post. The biggest hightlight of the game was my LoC destroying two hammerheads using Bolt of Tzeentch and assulting a unit of crisissuits and winning after two assault phases.

The bloodcrushers were a great diversionary unit as they got a very lucky DS very close to three units of crisissuits. It took two full turns of shooting from practically everything my opponent had to kill them which took attention away from everything else.

I have been using the Daemon World rules from WD when defending in this league just to make it more fluffy and this time the Plaguescape rule was rolled (each unit makes a toughness test and removes as many models as it failed the roll by). Even though daemons are normally immune to this, I made the rolls just like my opponent had to so that it would be more fair and it turned out to be costly on both sides. My opponent lost her HQ unit and was removing troops each turn. I ended up losing my bloodthirster (ouch), 1 DP of Nurgle, two BoN, 1 bloodcrusher, and a few PBs.

Next week, I will have to face this mission as the attacker. I think it will be hard to win, but I have an idea.

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