Friday, September 25, 2009

Tale of Four Gamers Battle 2

Last night I fought my second battle for the Tale of Four Gamers. Unfortunately, only two of the four were able to make it. My opponent was Chuck and here is most of his army.

He is working on a Master of the Forge Space Marine army and he plans to have lots of Dreadnoughts. It is a cool army.

Here is most of my army.

I wish I could remember more of the battle so I could write a battle report, but unfortunately I cannot remember enough details. I will need to remember to write things down during a battle so that I can write one. Anyway, here are some picture from the battle. I took a lot of pictures, but only a few turned out well.

Some of the highlights of the battle include my Great Unclean One destroying the ironclad with a lucky roll of a six on one penetrating hit, and also killed the Master of the Forge. The soul grinder killed one whole tactical squad and a drop pod on his own (the drop pod was blocking his movement). It was a fun battle with my daemons getting the win by annihilating all the marines except the Thunderfire cannon.

After a few battles with my Nurgle daemons, I have realized that they really excel at the smaller point battles than larger battles. It would seem that in smaller battles, losing models is more significant. The invulnerable saves with the feel no pain allows them to hang around longer than the opponents and gives them an advantage.


Rhellion said...

How did the Thunderfire Cannon fare? I've been thinking of getting one, but haven't seen one in action yet.

slipwing said...

I do not think this game was a good basis to judge it as it kept shooting at plaguebearers and had a hard time getting through the IS and FNP. Also, since all nurgle models have SAP, the difficult terrain shot would have had no effect.