Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekly Project List Update

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, I am just not getting that much done lately and there is so much to do.

Fortress of Redemption: I got this to the point where it is ready to prime.

Chaos Dwarves: I found my Chaos Dwarves this last weekend, so I am putting together a list and I already have a game lined up for next week.

Tyranids: I am excited to get going on this army but before I do, I am trying to organize a Tale of Four Gamers through my local gaming club. It most likely will not start until mid to late January, which is good because then I will have the new codex to work with.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Great Devourer hungers...

All the new Tyranid models to be released next month and all the rumors floating around the web have got me excited to revamp my Tyranid army. My Tyranid army had never been very big nor I have I played them much, but I have collected them for a while. Here are three of my oldest models.

I am going to rebuild this army from the ground up and I plan to detail it as I go. But first, I must finish the Fortress of Redemption.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Project List Update

Did not get much time to work on thing this past week, but I have gotten a lot done on the Fortress of Redemption. I just have the little detail bits to do and then finish the base and it will be ready to prime.

On the Fantasy side, I have been unable to find my Chaos Dwarves. They were boxed up a decade ago when I last moved and they were never unpacked. Now I cannot find the box they were in. It is sad. They were always my favorite.

So now I am debating between playing a dwarf army I have been trying to sell, starting a Tomb Kings army, or, based on the new Tyranid Advance Orders I saw today, revamp my Tyranid Army. I think I am leaning towards revamping Tyranids, but we will see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fortress of Redemption Update

I have been hard at work on this thing and I just cannot get over how big it actually is. Here is a picture of just the tower with a Plague Marine for comparison.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fantasy ho!

Looks like I am delving back into Warhammer Fantasy. I have not really played since 5th Edition, but there is a lot of Fantasy gaming going on in my local gaming club, plus I found a Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Army Book that I am looking forward to trying out. I have heard good things about it.

Time to dust of the Big Hats and the Orcs.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Project List Update

Unfortunately, nothing to report this week. The Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be a slacker weekend in which I did very little hobby-wise and what energy I did muster went into cleaning and organizing the hobby area (i.e. the basement). I plan to get back to work on things this week, starting with the Fortress of Redemption.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ordo Fraternitas' Fortress of Redemption

I am fortunate to have the pleasure of assembling and painting the Ordo Fraternitas' Fortress of Redemption. The OF, my local gaming club, maintains its own terrain collection for its members to use and this was one of its latest purchases. Although I hope to get one of these kits for my own collection, I am going to enjoy doing this terrain piece for the OF.

First off, I have to say that I am really impressed with this kit. It is much bigger than I thought it would be. The box is roughly the size that prepackaged armies come in.

I am going to try to detail my progress on this project as I go.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekly Project List Update

Not much to report this week. I got some work done on my Cadians, but I only completed my Platoon Command. I will keep working on them over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Forge World Lord of Change

What a nice model!

More pictures can be found here!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cadian 8th Platoon Command Squad

I have completed my Cadian Platoon Command Squad.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Project List Update

Its Monday morning again and time for the weekly update. This last week was a productive one. I managed to finish up four pieces of terrain (the Temple of Skulls, The Deadwoods, Chaos Obelisk, and the Blastscape). I experimented with static grass for the first time and it worked well on all this terrain. I am contemplating going back and adding some static grass to some my miniatures' bases.

Although I have made no progress on Epidemius or the Death Guard Sorceror, I did start working on my Cadians again. I am currently working on finishing up my Platoon Command Squad with Officer, Heavy Flamer, and 3 Plasma Gunners. There is a Chimera to go with them that is ready for painting.

After that, it looks like I will be moving on to paint more Cadians as inspiration has struck. It is time to finish up my Company Command Squad (Officer with Power Weapon and Laspistol, 4 Plasma Gunners, Astropath, Master of the Fleet, and Master of Ordinance) and Chimera. There is a Commissar Lord I want to finish, and a couple more Commissars I want to paint. That should be more than enough to get me through the week.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Terrain Collection

This is just a list of my completed terrain pieces.


My fourth terrain piece completed in four days.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chaos Obelisk

Another piece of terrain completed. It just needed a little detail work and some static grass to finish it up. It is made from the base of the Arcane Ruins.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Deadwoods

I finished another terrain piece, the Deadwoods. This piece is made of Armorcast dead trees and tree stumps glued onto a hardboard base. I glued sand and balast onto the base. After it was painted, I added some static grass.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Temple of Skulls

I have completed my Temple of Skulls. This is my first attempt using static grass and I think it turned out good. It gives it some unique character IMO.

I have to say that I think this is one of the best, if not the best, terrain pieces Games Workshop has ever produced. Even though it is a fantasy piece, I have used it in several 40k games and it works great. It was an objective in all my Planetstrike league games when I was defending with daemons and once when I was attacking.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Project List Update

Although I did very little on my project list this past week, I did make some progress on my Temple of Pestilence. I am making sure to take my time with this piece as it will serve as a centerpiece for my daemon army and I want it to look nice. I currently have it about 90% painted, I just need to go back and do the detail work on it. I am planning on experimenting with some static grass on this piece, including making patches of dead grass and putting some dead grass in the cracks between the stones.

Some of my time last week was spent inventorying my armies and writing up my army lists for the blog. As I get projects completed, I plan to update the appropriate army list with pictures, eventually leading to a fully painted army list.

Also, since the weather was forecast to be very nice this weekend, I spent a bit of time during the week getting models ready to prime. After a can and a half of primer, I got a fair bit of stuff primed, mainly Orks. 80% of my Ork army is now primed and ready for painting.

Now that the Planetstrike League is over, I am going to have to decide on which army to play in the next 'Ordo Fraternitas' league. It is not scheduled to start until early to mid January, so I have some time yet. It is going to be either Orks or Cadians and that will be the next army to concentrate on. Nothing beats playing with a fully painted army.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planetstrike League ends

This is over a week late in posting, but better late then never. I wrapped up the OF Planetstrike league last Saturday (10/31) with both of my Round 4 games. My opponent this round was Necrons and the mission was Forlorn Hope.

Game 1
Game 1 was the quickest game of 40k I have ever played. Since I always start with no units on the table, my opponent was able to get his Destroyer Lord and Wraiths on the tallest objective with the flag on turn one and I instantly lost. I knew I should have put a taller terrain piece on the table, but for some reason I didn't.

Game 2
Game two was a much better game. With a large unit of Plaguebearers carrying the flag, I was pretty confident that they would be able to hold onto it. Unfortunately, since I am writing this up a week later, the details are a little fuzzy, but I can cover the highlights, including the epic battle to bring Nightbringer down.

The table was setup with two bastions flanking my Temple of Skulls. On turn one, the daemons arrive. Everything but the Beasts of Nurgle and the unit of Plaguebearers with the flag arrived on turn one. Neither of these units arrived until they automatically came in on turn 3. Unfortunately, the beasts misshaped and were lost in the warp. The PBs with the flag landed right on top of the tallest objective, a risky move that won me the game.

At the end of the movement phase, my opponent tried to surround the Bloodcrushers with drop pylons, but one pylon landed on the Flamers and was destroyed, the other landed on a piece of defense line and was destroyed.

With some lucky rolls, neither bastion was standing at the end of the assault phase in turn one.

In turn two, the Necrons reenforcements began to arrive. They quickly got to business and immobilized the Soul Grinder and killing all the Flamers.

The highlight of the game was on turn two when the Bloodthirster, Great Unclean One, and a Daemon Prince of Nurgle all assaulted Nightbringer. Prior to the assault, the GUO used Breath of Chaos on him and managed to inflict a wound. In the assault, combat was lost by the daemons, and sadly everyone but the Bloodthirster made their fearless checks. That was the Bloodthirster's last wound and he was banished back to the warp. Things were looking dire for the daemons, but in the following opponent's assault phase, no one died and the combat was a draw. It was really the GUO who was doing the most damage to Nightbringer due to its Noxious Touch attack.

In the following turn, the Bloodcrushers came in to avenge the death of the Bloodthirster and they alone managed to bring Nightbringer down. It was quite an epic battle. The daemon prince managed to remain unwounded, but the GUO was down to one remaining wound.

On turn three, the unit of PBs with the flag arrived, and landed right on top of the ruined temple. My opponent now had until the end of his following turn to either capture the flag or he would lose. He shot everything he had at them and reduced their numbers to just five models.

Before his shooting phase, his unit of wraiths with the Destroyer Lord was easily in assault range, but he killed so many of the PBs and I was removing the closest models to it that he missed the assault by just an 1/8". There was a slight dispute on the position of the closest wraith because the model had been placed on its side since it was in terrain where it was unable to sit flat, so we rolled off for whether it could assault or not and I won the roll off, thus winning the game.

Overall, it was a great game. I really enjoyed the Planetstrike league as a whole, although playing daemons was a weird army to play as the defender. You ignore so many of the PS Deployment rules that it sort of felt like just regular games of 40k. Hopefully there will be another PS league next year in which I can play my Cadians.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Completed Project List

Here is a list of completed project links.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Imperial Guard Army

My first IG army was the 3rd Edition Steel Legion army that came out around the time of the Armageddon Campaign. I had fun with that army and they became my second favorite army. As soon as the plastic Cadian IG were released, I sold off my Steel Legion and replaced them with Cadians.

My Imperial Guard Army is the Cadian 8th Regiment. Normally I like to create my own history for an army, but I really like the history and flavor of this regiment too much not to use it.

Current Army
  • HQ
    • Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed & Kell
    • Command Squad
      • Senior Officer with Power Sword and Laspistol
      • 4 Veterans with Plasma Guns
      • Astropath
      • Master of Ordinance
      • Officer of the Fleet
      • Veteran with Company Banner
      • Veteran Medic
      • Veteran with Vox Caster
      • Nork Deddog
      • Chimera
    • Commissar Yarrick
    • 1 Commissar Lord
    • 3 Commissars
  • Elite
    • 10 Kasrkin Stormtroopers
    • 10 Kasrkin Stormtroopers
    • 9 Ogryn
    • 5 Ratling Snipers
    • 2 TechPriest Enginseers
  • Troops
    • 1 Infantry Platoon
      • Platoon Command Squad
        • Chimera
      • Infantry Squad
        • Grenade Launcher
      • Infantry Squad
        • Grenade Launcher
      • Infantry Squad
        • Grenade Launcher
      • Infantry Squad
        • Grenade Launcher
      • Heavy Weapons Teams
        • 3 Lascannons
        • 3 Autocannons
        • 3 Mortars
        • 3 Heavy Bolters
        • 3 Missle Launchers
    • 1 Veteran Squad
      • Chimera
    • Penal Legion
  • Fast Attack
    • 3 Valkries
    • 2 Hellhounds
    • 1 Salamander Scout Vehicle
    • 10 Sentinals
  • Heavy
    • 13 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
    • 1 Leman Russ Demolisher
    • 1 Leman Russ Punisher
    • 1 Leman Russ Executioner
    • 1 Leman Russ Vanquisher
    • 4 Basilisks
    • 1 Hydra Flak Tank
    • 1 Destroyer Tank Hunter
  • Superheavies
    • 1 Baneblade
    • 1 Shadowsword
    • 1 Stormlord
    • 1 Hell Hammer
  • Objectives
  • Terrain
    • 3 Planetstrike Bastions
    • 4 Planetstrike Defense Lines
    • Skyshield Landing Pad
  • Imperial Allies
    • Imerial Assassins
      • 2 Vindicare Assassins
      • 1 Culexus Assassin
      • 1 Callidus Assassin
      • 1 Eversor Assassin
      • 2 Death Cult Assassins
    • Daemonhunters
      • HQ
        • Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz
        • Grey Knight Brother Captain Stern
        • 2 Inquisitors
      • Elite
        • 6 Grey Knight Terminators
        • 2 Daemonhosts
      • Troops
        • 10 Grey Knight Space Marines
        • 10 Grey Knight Space Marines
    • Witchhunters
      • HQ
        • Imperial Confessor Kyrinov
        • Imperial Missionary Jacobus
        • Sisters of Battle Cannoness
        • 2 Witchhunter Inquisitors
        • 3 Priests
      • Elite
        • 15 Sisters Repentia & 1 Mistress
      • Troops
        • 10 Sisters of Battle
        • 10 Sisters of Battle
        • 10 Sisters of Battle
      • Heavy
        • 2 Immolators
        • 1 Exorcist

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Ork Army

Orks are by far my most favorite WH40K army and they are also my second oldest army. I just love everything about the orks (ok, except that they are fungal spores, but I ignore that when I can). I love the way they play and I love the endless modeling possibilities they offer.

My first orks came from the 2nd edition WH40K boxed set (the plastic Goffs and Gretchin) and I instantly fell in love with them. I played them in 3rd edition, but I never played them in 4th edition. I even owned a copy of GorkaMorka, although I never found anyone to play it with. When I got into 5th edition, Orks were the first army I wanted to play. The new codex had come out a few months before and my army needed some updating, plus there was lots of new models to play with.


Current Army
  • HQ
    • Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka
    • Mad Dok Grotsnik
    • Warboss on Bike
    • Warboss
    • Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
    • Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
    • Weirdboy
    • Painboy
  • Elite
    • 10 Nobz
    • 10 Nobz
    • 3 Meganobz
    • 16 Lootaz
    • 15 Burna Boyz
    • 15 Tankbustas
    • 15 Kommandos
      • Boss Snikrot
    • 4 Mek Boyz
  • Troops
    • 20 'Ard Boyz
    • 30 Shoota Boyz
    • 30 Slugga Boyz
    • 12 Trukk Boyz
    • 30 Grotz with 3 Runtherderz
  • Fast Attack
    • 9 Biker Boyz
    • 20 Stormboyz
      • Boss Zagstruk
    • 7 Deffkoptaz
    • 3 Warbuggies
    • 3 Wartrakks
  • Heavy
  • Superheavies
  • Fliers
  • Objectives
  • Terrain
    • Mek House
    • Ork House

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Necron Army

I have had a Necron army since the army was introduced in the mid-ninties. I bought the all metal models with the destroyer 'jet bikes' and had a lot of fun playing them in 3rd edition.

When the 4th edition plastics came out, I sold off my original Necron army and bought the new boxed army the day it was released. I built it up and got it 90% painted, though I only played a handful of games with them in 4th ed (I really only played maybe 10 games total in 4th ed.).

When I first started playing 5th edition, the first couple of games I played was with my Necrons and I got stomped into the ground each time. I think this is because I was still playing 3rd Edition tactics with them and that was not working.


Current Army
  • HQ
    • The Deceiver
    • Lord with Warsythe
    • Lord with Staff of Light
    • Destroyer Lord with Warsythe
  • Elite
    • 8 Immortals
    • 10 Flayed Ones
    • 6 Pariahs
  • Troops
    • 12 Warriors
    • 12 Warriors
    • 12 Warriors
  • Fast
    • 3 Destroyers
    • 3 Destroyers
    • 3 Wraiths
    • 9 Scarab Swarms
  • Heavy
    • Monolith
    • 3 Heavy Destroyers
    • 2 Tomb Spiders
  • Battlefleet Gothic
    • Cairn Class Tombship
    • 3 Scythe Class Harvest Ships
    • 3 Shroud-Class Light Cruisers
    • 4 Jackal Escorts
    • 4 Dirge Escorts

Monday, November 2, 2009

Must Have Unit - Beasts of Nurgle

A FTW Collaborative Post

When playing my daemon army, I always squeeze in a unit of Beasts of Nurgle. This is a unit that I see get bashed quite a bit for its randomness, but I find them particularly useful.

While they are Slow & Purposeful, their high toughness, two wounds, eternal warrior, invulnerable save, and Feel No Pain means they can take a lot of punishment and still survive. And with being Fearless, they will not break and run away if they take a lot of casualties. This makes them good for contesting enemy held objectives.

In an assault, the random poisoned attacks can be a blessing or a curse. If a unit of seven beasts gets to assault another unit and rolls a 6 for the number of attacks (something that has personally happened to me three times now), that totals a whopping 49 attacks when you include the bonus attack for assaulting! Combine that with the poisoned rule (always wounding on a 4+, and re-rolling wounds against T4 or less) and you can have a real powerhouse unit. But you will have to take the roll of a 1 attack each when it comes up, and trust me, it will. If the beasts do not kill all the enemy models in the unit they are in an assault with, it is likely that they will tie that unit up for a while.

In the twelve games I have played with them, there were only two or three games when the unit was not still on the table at the end of the game, and one of those was a Deep Strike mishap where they were lost.

Overall, I find them a must take unit.

My Chaos Daemon Army

My daemon army focuses heavily on Nurgle daemons, though I have daemons from all four chaos powers. Papa Nurgle has always been my favorite.

The origin of my daemon army dates back to 5th ed. WFB when I played a Chaos Army. That was when there was only one army list, not three like there are today. That army consisted mainly of Chaos Warriors, but I did collect some daemons and used them from time to time. I have also used my daemons in Chaos Space Marine armies through the years. It wasn't until Sept 2009 when I joined a Tale of Four Gamers (ToFG) through the local chapter of the 40k Fight Club that I started assembling my daemons into a playable 40k army.


Current Army

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ka' Routh the Unstoppable, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Ka'Routh (KA rooth) is the ruler of a small plague planet located just outside of the Eye of Terror, somewhere within close proximity to the Cadian Gate, although the exact location is unknown.

Ka'Routh is a Great Unclean One modified using the 'Heroes of Ordo Fraternitas' Character Creation Rules.

Ka'routh is an ancient greater daemon whose background is lost in time. It is said that he has been blessed by Father Nurgle himself because of his unique ability to withstand damage that will kill his peers. It is believed that he claimed his plague world at the time when the Eye of Terror itself was formed.

It is further believed that Ka'Routh's power comes from the ruins of a place on his world known as the Temple of Pestilence. It is built over a weak spot in the barrier between the Warp and Realspace.

WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
6 4 7 6 6 2 4 10 3+(I)

Cost: 305 Points

Unit Type: Monstrous Creature

Daemonic Gifts: Breath of Chaos, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Unholy Might

Special Rules: Daemon, Unstoppable, Feel No Pain, Slow & Purposeful

Unstoppable: Ka'routh is legendary, even among the daemons of Nurgle, for his ability to withstand or shrug off wounds that would kill his peers. Ka'routh has an extra wound (included in profile), a 3+ Invulnerable save, and he may always use the Feel No Pain universal rule against any wounds suffered, even when it would normally not be allowed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

I have finished my Daemon Prince of Nurgle. He will be used in both my Chaos Daemon and Death Guard Armies.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project List Update

I was unable to get my Death Guard Daemon Prince and Epidemius completed this week but I did make good progress on both of them. The DP is about 90% complete and Epidemius is about 70%. I have yet to start on my remaining Plaguebearers, although I did start painting a Death Guard Sorcerer in between painting the DP and Epidemius.

To be honest, I think I got too ambitious with my project list to start with. The DP and Epidemius have so much fine detail that they are taking much longer than originally thought. Having due dates on projects turns out was not a good idea. IMO, it takes the relaxing part out of the hobby, so I will no longer use them.

The goal of the project list is simply to keep me focused on the projects that I have started in hopes I will complete them. I am very bad at starting a project and then starting on something else halfway through that project. I am sure this is a problem many gamers have. I am going to keep a running list in the sidebar with the completed date and potentially a link to a WIP picture or a picture of the completed project.

Feel free to post a comment on how you stay focused on your projects.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Completed Projects and New Projects

I have completed my four Beasts of Nurgle.

I am finding it hard to concentrate on my daemon projects due to burnout, so I have tried working on some other stuff. I have completed the final touches on a squad of Death Guard CSM.

I have also started working on getting my Dark Angel army playable under the new vanilla Space Marine Codex. First is a Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought.

A DA Ironclad Dreadnought.

Finally, a Deathwing Assault Terminator Sergeant.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Project List

It appears the our local Tale of Four Gamers has dissolved away. It is a shame since it was a lot of fun and a great motivation to get things painted. So I am going to try starting a project list so that I can finish up the Nurgle daemons that I have started work on and then move on to some projects from other armies. My starting list with due dates is:

  • Epidemous (10/25)
  • Death Guard Daemon Prince (10/25)
  • 4 Beasts of Nurgle (10/25)
  • 15 Plaguebearers (11/01)
  • Temple of Skulls (11/08)
My goal is to have Epidemous, the DP, and the Beasts of Nurgle done by 10/25 as I have already started painting them and it should be quick work to finish them. The 15 plaguebearers are primed and I am targeting them to be done by 11/01. The Temple of Skulls, my favorite terrain piece at the moment, is partially painted and I will try to have that done by Sunday 11/08.

I am trying not to be too ambitious to begin with since failure to complete the projects my kill the whole project list.

Planetstrike League Round 3 Game 2

The game happened on Saturday and it was the Planetstrike Seize and Destroy Mission where the attacker has to hold the center objective without it being contested by the defender. A very hard mission for the attacker to win IMO. We played 2500 points per side.

Here is my army:

I did not take notes again but I will write what I can remember. Not all the pictures turned out good, but I have some good ones.

There were three objectives, but only the center bastion really counted. My Stratagems were Ground Observer and Dawn Assault. My opponent took Krak Attack, Force Pylons, and Void Shield.

I got a total of 8 Firestorm attacks, and since I was not able to target the center bastion, I went after the hammerheads hiding in the ruins. Unfortunately, nothing happened to them.

I made my Daemonic Assault roll and got the half of the army I wanted (aka the Nurgle half) and reserve rolls for turn 1 were generous. I got everything but the Bloodcrushers and the Flamers.

Turn 1 saw no Deep Strike mishaps, and I was fortunate to be able to get three assaults off on turn one. The Soul Grinder assaulted a small unit of Kroot guarding the center objective, the Beasts of Nurgle assaulted the Crisis Suits on the other side of the center bastion, and the Daemonettes assaulted a hammerhead. The Soul Grinder broke the kroot and wiped them out. The Beasts of Nurgle rolled a 6 for their random poisoned attacks, giving them a whopping 49 attacks. The poor Crisis suits never stood a chance and were wiped out. The Daemonettes assaulted a hammerhead and wrecked it thanks to their rending claws.

Turn one for the defender saw some of her reinforcements arrive. The Tau HQ Crisis Suits deep striked close to the ruins behind the Beasts of Nurgle. Then moved into it, forcing me to remove my Ground Observer Statagem. Although the Tau shot with everything they had, my army was mostly left intact. The Daemonettes were reduced to one model.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2
My second turn saw the arrival of the Bloodcrushers and the Flamers. The Bloodcrushers were very close to mishapping by arriving very close to a unit of Crisis Suits, but since I only took six, I was able to wrap them around and still be an inch away from the crisis suits. The Flamers arrived on the other side of the board losing three of their numbers thanks to an effective Krak Attack roll.

The Soul Grinder had its eyes on destroying the center bastion and moved towards it. He vomited through the gun slit killing 4 of the Firewarriors within it.

He assaulted the bastion, along with the Bloodthirster.

The Bloodthirster was not needed as the Soul Grinder ripped through the bastion with ease.

The Great Unclean One, the Beasts of Nurgle, and one unit of Plaguebearers, along with the remaining flamers who were close by, moved towards the ruins where the enemy HQ unit was hiding, attempting to box them in as much as they could since there was no way anything could assault them that turn.

The Flamers used their Breath of Chaos killing one shield drone and wounding one of the crisis suits.

The Bloodcrushers assaulted the Crisis Suit unit that almost caused them to mishap. They did enough wounds to cause the Crisis Suits to break and then wiped them out.

One of the Daemon Princes was able to assault the stingwings causing havoc on the flank and killed two, but the stingwings failed to wound the DP and they held their ground for this turn.

The lone Daemonette assaulted a unit of two gun drones and destroyed them.

My opponents turn two saw the arrival of a third hammerhead and a unit of firewarriors both coming in on my dropzone. The HQ CS unit came out of the ruins and poured all their firepower into the Great Unclean One and were able to send it back to the warp. The tau poured almost everything they could into the Bloodthirster and remained unwounded thanks to lots of luck save rolls. The lone Daemonette was shot down and the DP not locked in battle got shot down as well. The other DP in combat with the stingwings killed a few more and was able to break the unit and wipe them out.

On turn 3, the Soul Grinder and the Bloodthirster moved away from the center objective in order to the let the Plaguebearers move in and clean up the remaining firewarriors. The Beasts of Nurgle moved towards the HQ CS unit that just killed the GUO and was able to assault them. Unfortunately, the BoN rolled a 1 for their attacks and actually managed to lose combat.

My memory from here is vague especially since I stopped taking pictures for the last couple of turns. The Daemons managed to kill 95% of all Tau non-vehicle units and the Tau killed all the Greater Daemons (actually the Bloodthirster died when he lost his last wound by landing in difficult terrain).

The game ended on turn 6 with three units of Plagebearers and the remaining two Beasts of Nurgle trying to destroy the 4 Tau tanks (3 hammerheads and a devilfish) that were contesting the center objective.

Overall, another fun game.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Remade

Truth be told, I am starting to get burned out on my daemon army. I have enjoyed painting and playing them, and I will continue to work on them. However, I am going to start switching in projects from my other armies for some variety. So I am remaking my blog to include all of 40k.

The other armies I play include Orks (my personal favorite), Cadian IG (second favorite), Dark Angels SM, Iron Warriors CSM, and Necrons. I also have a small Death Guard CSM detachment.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Planetstrike League Round 2 Game 2 Pictures

Rhellion came through again with pictures of my Saturday game. He was up at Pandemonium playing his PS league game the same day. Thanks Rhellion!